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Map of Ukraine
  • Population: 44.43 million (annual growth -0.6%)[1] - in recent years, the country's population was declining at the fourth fastest rate in the world.[3]
  • Capital: Kyiv (pronounced 'KEY-yeev')
  • Area: 603,550 km2 (233,090 mi2) - the largest wholly European country, with fertile steppes and plateaus crossed by rivers, with few natural boundaries.[4]
  • Urbanites: 69%[3]
  • Major languages: Ukrainian (official), Russian
  • Major religion: Christian (79%, annual growth -0.7%)1, of this, an estimated 2-4% is Evangelicals, 8-10% is Roman Catholic, and 83% is Orthodox.[1,2,3]
  • Life expectancy: 66 years (men), 76 years (women)[3] - According to the UN, poverty and poor health care are the two biggest problems Ukrainian children face.[4]
  • Monetary unit: 1 Hryvna = 100 Kopiykas
  • Main exports: Military equipment, metals, pipes, machinery, petroleum products, textiles, agricultural products
  • GNP per capita: $8,700 USD with 12% inflation (consumer prices) (compared to $54,400 and 1.6% inflation in USA) - 24% of the population is below the poverty line[3]

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